Which is a new blog entry! Am I right, am I right? But seriously folks. So I’m in the midst of writing the pilot script for an as-yet untitled (ok, it’s got a title, I’m just not quite ready to share it yet) TV series, and thus the ridiculous things people do (well, the ones […]

So I was sitting at a dinner a week or so ago with an Emmy award winning screenwriter, his kids, his book editor, and the head of counter-terrorism for the FBI and … no, seriously. That’s not the start of a joke. This is fact. This is real life people. My life. Now. That ha’ […]

Good friend to have? Your super. Especially when you (I) realize you’re locked IN(yes,IN)side of your apartment, as I had the great fortune of discovering this morning.  Luckily, I only realized it when ‘mi amigo’ Manny came by around noon to pick up some extra supplies that were left over from the remodel that I’d […]

I had a woman at one of my tables yesterday who ordered “Don Julio – the white one (aka blanco).”  She came to the table with a drink from the bar, and when she finished that one I brought her another.  She drank it, had a great time with it, and when that one was […]

You are a lucky bunch, you readers of my blog you. For I am enjoying my first day off in what seems like years (read, six days) and I am using this most precious day to write a blog entry and impart what I’m sure will probably be some wisdom that I am not currently […]

As in, oh, the places I’ll go throughout this entry, considering it’s been way too long since I last forced myself to write one of these. Just kidding, I’m enjoying it already. No, seriously I am. Sidebar: Dr. Suess’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go is a book that means a lot to me. When I […]

Mayday, MAYDAY -  You all almost missed what is sure to be an epic-ally brilliant blog entry because I narrowly just escaped getting called into work. Boo to the very idea of being on-call. But yay to the idea that thinking of myself as “on-call” makes me feel fancy like I’m a doctor saving lives […]


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