If I don't write again for a while, I've got a good excuse...

Before you say a thing, my faithful readers, allow me a moment to apologize. I left you all the way back in Bangkok, having recovered from a tenuous and woeful encounter with Pad Thai in early December, before I returned to Eastern Standard Time and the US Dollar and the snows and Santa and 2016 […]

candles are cool.

Did you think I was joking when I implied I would be chronicling this trip until Christmas? Well that was your bad… Before I knew it, I again found myself in the tuk tuk that had barreled into town with me in tow headed back to the airport to begin the last phase of what […]

Here's lookin at you, kid.

Now then, where were we? Still at Angkor I believe… the epic beauty of the ruins necessitated a break for all of us. Or maybe I just have more awesome pictures to post so I’m going to conveniently pretend I never closed the chapter on Angkor. After we’d finished our 20km (I use the metric […]


As I tore through the streets of Cambodia after nightfall in a tuk tuk, clutching my suitcase and backpack because I felt certain they were going to fly out of the little vehicle at any moment, it occurred to me that many of the situations I’d been in recently necessitated a fair amount of blind […]

Each one special in it's own way...

SHE LIVES! I must take a quick (quick in the dictionary of Jayne that is) break before I get into Hoi An. I apologize that this entry has taken so long. I’ve been waylaid. By the food poisoning that took me hostage for my first few days in Bangkok. Boy it’s hard to string sentences […]

Hey guys, check this out.

Now where were we? Ah, that’s right, cruising in Halong Bay, taking refuge from Hanoi in the vast sea of UNESCO protected islands too numerous to count … Most of the people we’d quickly become besties with were only cruising for one night, so we would part ways with them after breakfast the next morning, […]

What are YOU lookin' at? I'm blogging as fast as I can!

Hanoi. Hanoi Hanoi Hanoi. A place only a mother could love. I admit that the task facing Hanoi was an impossible one – who wants to be the follow up act to a place like Lao, where the air is fresh, the food is delicious, and life makes sense? As if needing to put me […]


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