Warning: Like most entries, this was written over several days, so suspend your disbelief when I mention days of the week, ok? Just go with it. I’ve been real cranky lately. If you’re in my life on a daily basis and you’ve noticed this, it’s not you, I promise, it’s me. Well, I’m not going […]

I’ve said before I don’t like to get too personal with my blog. Those that know me would agree that reading my blog is tantamount to having a conversation with me, but for the most part I keep out the personal details. Minus the neurosis. I let that flow freely. But I’m doing a couple […]

I know the natural order of things. A, B, C…D. But sometimes I just wish A could jump to Z.  I mean, it worked in Memento, right? Why do I have to trudge my way through a first draft, knowing the whole time I’m going to end up cutting half of it, but that all […]

I cannot take credit for the title of this blog. It comes from a pin I found at a cool little shop near my apartment called Lockwood. I found a little gnome while I was running this morning. Not a real one, of course. Unless it so happens to come to life Chucky-style while I’m […]

I am at work right now, alone, save for the Indian man sitting at the bar talking to himself. I could see this in a couple of ways.  I could be slightly put off by it, maybe creeped out. Or I could instead choose the perspective that his one person conversation is saving me from […]

I’ve been logging lots of hours at the bar lately (working, not drinking, thankyouverymuch), and with that comes blessings in the form of hours of material for this here blog. In a cruel contradiction, however, the wealth of work hours also brings a scarcity of hours to actually write those tales in a blog entry […]

I wish, I really do, that I could tell you I’m writing this entry because it’s just been too long and my heart yearns to share my musings and goings-on with you, my faithful readers. But that, my friends, would be a bold-faced lie. I would much, much, MUCH rather be getting ready to go […]


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